The January through June concerts will feature SavPhil musician ensembles at Skidaway Island United Methodist Church and the Metal Building at The Kehoe Iron Works, plus a family friendly community concert outside the Morris Center.

SAVANNAH, Georgia | December 11, 2020 — In a season that has been anything but ordinary, the Savannah Philharmonic is pleased to announce a fresh slate of concerts for 2021.

Executive Director Amy Williams worked together with Music and Artistic Director Keitaro Harada to assemble a new collection of creative, community-oriented and entertaining concerts from January through June 2021.

“We’re so happy to be announcing the remainder of our 2020/21 season,” Williams said. “We have outstanding music programs planned and hope our new 2021 concerts will bring joy and light to the Savannah community. As we dreamed about finding more ways to connect with as many Savannah residents as possible, our end-of-season plans include a family friendly outdoor concert this June. In the months ahead come join us in person or online for our upcoming concerts — there is something for everyone.”

Harada added that these concerts are designed to be entertaining and exhilarating, whether it’s someone’s first or hundredth concert. A venue change is one part of the exciting switch up. The Metal Building at The Kehoe Iron Works (Trustees’ Garden) will allow concertgoers to experience 360-degree seating, and Skidaway Island United Methodist Church allows SavPhil to bring music to more community members outside of downtown.

“I am so excited to present new concert experiences for our fans,” Harada said. “At Trustees’ Garden, we can forgo the traditional format of musicians on a stage, and instead, offer the audience a chance to be wrapped up with the sound and be part of the action. In other words, the audience will really feel and experience what it is like to make music. And Skidaway UMC will provide a great way to bring our music to even more communities outside of downtown. ”

Maestro Harada will lead the February 16 all-strings program as well as the end-of-season outdoor celebration concert on June 27.

“From the gorgeous harmonies of Dvořák and Elgar’s String Serenades to a pulsating percussion quartet, we are packing our concerts with classic hits and sprinkling in some lesser-known works guaranteed to inspire and impress,” Harada said. “One such work I especially look forward to sharing with audiences in February is a beautiful piece for strings by George Walker who was the first African American composer to have won the Pulitzer Prize for Music. All of our concerts are going to be a fun time and full of must-hear works.”